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To provide a continuously bonded waterproof membrane for building and civil engineering structures.  Durability covers weathering and adhesion characteristics. For conditions outside those stated on this webpage contact us for more information



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BRANZ Certificate of Shelterseal

Typical applications
Basements, ground slabs, roofs, foundations, lift pits and subways.


  • Fast application
  • Cold applied
  • Uniform 1.5 mm thickness of bitumen membrane.
  • Good adhesion to primed concrete substrates.
  • Produces a continuous waterproof membrane system.
  • Selvedge strip enables bitumen to bitumen bond on edge laps.
  • May be applied directly to polystyrene surfaces (no primer required


ShelterSeal 3000X and ShelterSeal HD is a cold applied self-adhesive sheet membrane manufactured from a bituminous ashpalt compound modified with styrene-butadiene-styrene rubber and high tack resins.

The self-adhesive inner face is protected by a release paper with the outer surface protected by either a layer of cross-laminated high-density polyethylene film (ShelterSeal 3000X) or a layer of polypropylene mesh (ShelterSeal HD). 

ShelterSeal HD is designed for use where a more robust system is required.

For more information on  the use of ShelterSeal 3000X and ShelterSeal HD use our Contact Us form, we will forward you everything you need to make the best decisions.

ShelterSeal 3000X and ShelterSeal HD are suitable  DPM materials as set out in NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 Third Edition June 2004, Paragraph 12.2.2(b), therefore they are expected to have a serviceable life of at least 50 years provided they are installed and maintained in accordance with this Certificate and are continuously protected from sunlight and UV radiation. Download BRANZ Certificat

To receive more information on manufacturer's recommendations, datasheets, or unusual weather or adhesion conditions fill in the Contact Us form. 

The waterproofing membrane shall be a 1.5 mm thick self adhesive sheet membrane comprising a polymer modified bitumen layer, bonded on to an outer surface of polyethylene film.

The waterproofing membrane shall have an adhesion to primed concrete of 3.0 N/mm or greater when tested in accordance with ASTM D1000, a puncture resistance in excess of 230 N when tested in accordance with ASTM E154, and shall withstand a hydrostatic pressure of not less than 400 kPa. that 30 to 50 mm mortar or Plastijoint fillets are formed in the angle between horizontal and vertical faces, and at all internal corners. External angles should be chamfered to remove all sharp edges.

The membrane should be protected immediately after application in accordance with BS 8102:1990.

For more information on ShelterSeal 3000X and ShelterSeal HD fill in the Contact Us form. 


ShelterSeal 3000X and ShelterSeal HD are supplied in 1m x 20m x 1.5mm rolls.
ShelterSeal Primer is supplied in 5 & 20 litre cans.

ShelterSeal 3000X and ShelterSeal HD:               20 m2 per roll, weight 30kg approx.
ShelterSeal Primer:                                           5 - 6 m2 per litre

All products have a shelf life of 12 months if stored in a cool, dry store, away from sources of heat in their original unopened packaging.

Health and Safety

Safe use and handling procedures for the membrane system is provided in the Technical Literature.

For more information on ShelterSeal 3000X and ShelterSeal HD   waterproof building membrane please use in the Contact Us form.  We will be pleased to forward all information you need to make the best decisions.