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Light-weight high strength panels with expanded polystyrene core between two skins of pre-finished, durable COLOURSTEEL®G2 or VP sheets.

Styrolock™ Insulation Panels provide for the cost effective construction of energy efficient, controlled environments.

They are well suited to maintaining very high hygiene standards, which makes it ideal for coolstores, freezers, chillers, controlled atmosphere rooms.  Can also be used for workshops, portable on-site offices and all manner of buildings where an economical low maintenance building structure is required.

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Unique S lock jointing system makes panels easy to put together and finishes with a flush surface.  This creates a weather & vapour tight barrier.


 Note: Need to use
 approved sealants.

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These light-weight high strength panels with expanded polystyrene core are supplied pre-finished with a profiled COLOURSTEEL® exterior skin and a smooth COLOURSTEEL® interior skin. 

Styroroof™ panels have similar flashings to conventional roofing so are easily fixed to timber or steel purlins. 

This roof cladding system is so efficient they eliminate the need for onsite placement of netting, insulation, and building paper.

Ideal for sheds, supermarket roofs, industrial buildings, gas stations.


Styrolock™ Acoustic

Designed especially to inhibit sound transmission.  Styrolock™ Acoustic panels are made with a jib board core between two layers of expanded polystyrene, and a skin of COLOURSTEEL® sheets.

Styrolock™ Acoustic panels are used internally and externally to create excellent sound barriers.

Used as dividing walls in processing factories, machine rooms, factory offices, power stations.  Used externally for cladding dairy factory towers

Joining System

Minimal structural support needed for Styrolock™  and Styroroof™ panels and Styrolock™ Acoustic.  All panels come with unique "S" lock jointing system makes panels simple and fast to erect, whether on the ground or 40 metres in the air.  Finishes with a flush surface when beaded off with approved sealant.  This creates a weather & vapour tight barrier ideal for free standing insulated buildings.



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