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Standard panel skins are 0.59mm galvanized steel with a COLORSTEEL® coating as supplied by BHP NZ Steel Ltd.

Standard Surface Finishes:  'ribbed' profile or flat finish.

  • COLORSTEEL® G2 - suitable for roof and wall applications in most circumstances. For more severe situations such as marine or heavy-duty industrial environments
  • .
  • COLORSTEEL® VP  -  provides a higher level of protection against corrosion and machinery damage.  Suitable for more severe situations such as marine or heavy-duty industrial environments.


Alternative panel skins:

  • Aluminium

  • ABS

  • Stainless steel

  • Plywood.

Use our Contact Us form to obtain more information on types of skins available.

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Unique S lock jointing system makes panels easy to put together and finishes with a flush surface.  This creates a weather & vapour tight barrier.


 Note: Need to use
 approved sealants.

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