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Styrofoil is a versatile insulating material suitable for construction of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. 

Made of:
Styrofoil is made of expanded polystyrene sheet (EPS) fixed between two layers of aluminium foil.  Styrofoil can be supplied taped insitu to provide an imperious surface.

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Examples of Usage

About Styrofoil


Unique S lock jointing system makes panels easy to put together and finishes with a flush surface.  This creates a weather & vapour tight barrier.


 Note: Need to use approved sealants.

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Thermal Resistance
 Thickness (mm)  R Value m2 C/W
10 0.25
20 0.50
25 0.63
30 0.73
50 1.25

These minimum R Values can be increased by coordinated building design. For more information use the Contac Us form.

 Styrofoil is available in many thicknesses to allow the designer to achieve the thermal resistance for most structures. Certified Test results confirm that following combinations produce R Values as stated.

Brick Veneer....20mm Styrofoil - R 1.7
Weatherboard...25mm Styrofoil - R 1.55
Ceiling..............50mm Styrofoil - R 2.0
Refer to BRANZ Appraisal Certificate No 188

Thermal Performance
Styrofoil insulation will deliver guaranteed constant cost effective R values for the life of the building. It is a cellular structure containing only stabilised air, is dust free, will not settle, rot or decay, has a low moisture vapour transmission rate and is dimensionally stable.

Moisture Resistance
Of all materials used in insulation applications, Styrofoil is one of the most resistant to the adverse effects of moisture condensation. Whilst condensation may build up in any insulation material under critical vapour flow conditions, the effect on the thermal performance of Styrofoil is insignificant.

Styrofoil can be fixed directly to timber, steel, or concrete.  Styrofoil can be cut with a knife or saw so is extremely easy to installed.  Styrofoil is light-weight, clean, non-irritating to the skin so is easy to work with.  Styrofoil is weather resistant and unaffected by water so can be fixed in place before the roof.

Wall Fixing
Fix using galvanised clouts at 400 centres, butt sheets together and cover joints with aluminium tape. Joints do not need to occur over studs. Building paper is not required.

Ceiling Fixing
Styrofoil can be fitted between ceiling joists or truss bottom chords as a tight friction fit or laid directly under the roof as a continuous layer

Panels widths can be up to 1200mm with a full range of thicknesses.  Lengths available can be up to 3600mm.  For more details fill in the Contact Us form.

Building Code Compliant:
Styrofoil can be used to satisfy clause H1 and E3 of the NZ building code, subject to installation being carried out in accordance to manufacturer's specifications.  To receive more information on manufacturer's specifications fill in the Contact Us form. 

BRANZ Test Report SE 1404 and BRANZ Appraisal Certificate No.188.



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