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Benefits of Insulform Building Blocks

  • Fast construction pours to 3m
  • Design flexibility
  • Maximum structural integrity
  • Higher Sound Insulation
  • Insulation more than R3 = lower heating costs
  • Fire rated 3 hours
  • Made from EPS lightweight durable polystyrene
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • CFC and HCFC–free (no ozone depletion possible)
  • Great Product Range

Advantages of Insulform Building Blocks

  • Pre-formed corner block.
  • Metal galvanised bridge for superior screw fixing.
    Galvanised bridges are moulded in during production to provide higher strength which in turn allows for better superior consolidation and higher concrete pours.
  • Bridge Profile: Hollow section in the patented profile of the metal bridges provides superior location for the reinforcing steel.
  • Continuous concrete pours up to 3m high.
  • Corner blocks available
  • Side units available
  • Ribs on outside to provide key for plaster systems.
  • No block assembly on site (faster construction).
  • Energy efficient.
  • Continuous concrete centre 
  • Outside ribs provides key for plaster systems
  • Dovetail provides bonding of poly to concrete
  • The tongue and groove locking system allows for minor adjustment

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