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Heritage Hotel Queenstown.  Walls of Insulform's Polystyrene Block with stone veneer.

Our Aims

To become the leading provider of polystyrene materials to builders,  architects  and  engineers  throughout  the world.

To provide top quality polystyrene packaging materials

To achieve this we:

  1. Provide to the building industry excellent quality products at competitive prices

  2. Provide professional advice and support to our clients on the use of products we supply

Our Products:

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Polystyrene Building Blocks

Energy efficient award winning hollow centre blocks

These polystyrene blocks provide superior location for reinforcing steel allowing a continuous concrete centre.  The moulded in bridge make an extremely sturdy polystyrene block.

The tongue and groove locking system. Outside ribs provides key for plaster systems.

Corner and side units available.

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Block Product Range

Insulation Panels

Styrolockô panels and Styrolockô Acoustic panels are made from high quality expanded polystyrene core with a variety of outer skins available including colour steel, aluminium, stainless steel and plywood.

They are strong, light and great insulation value.

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Polystyrene Packaging

Excellent for transporting and storing meat, fish, fruit, and veges.

Great range of sizes.  Custom made boxes can be ordered

EPS Density: 10 - 12 kg/m3

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Polystyrene Products provides polystyrene building material to the building industry, packaging to the food packaging industry, and to all businesses who use polystyrene, by being able to supply a wide range of products made from polystyrene.  

We can find you ANYTHING made with polystyrene, from building blocks and panels to heads and beads and more . . .

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